Shipping Containers
We have a bunch of steel shipping containers available for any use. We only purchase NEW shipping containers, which means they are clean and fresh! Our shipping containers are painted white to help keep your stuff cool in the Okanagan summer heat.

5X8 Trunks
We have the best moving solutions in the Okanagan! Our Mobile Trunks are insulated to protect your valuables from container wall sweating. We make them locally out of recycled material which is great for the environment and also follows our commitment to be an earth friendly company. We can deliver one or several trunks to your location, and all you have to do once it’s packed up is call us to arrange pick up.  We can either store your trunk in our secure storage facility or it can be moved directly to your new location!  No matter your needs, we have every solution for you. 

Elephant Mobile Storage Trunks are the best way to move!

Where you need it! When you need it! For as long as you want!
Complete DOOR to DOOR Service
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Elephant Mobile Trunks Are The #1 Way To Move In The Okanagan!

With an ever growing user base, Elephant Mobile Storage Trunks is the most complete and trusted Storage facility in the Okanagan.