5′ X 8′ Insulated Mobile Storage Trunks

We manufacture our own Mobile Storage Trunks to our exacting standards right here in Vernon!  We use a recycled wall material which is insulated in order to protect your belongings from humidity and moisture. Our units stay dry even in the heat of an Okanagan summer, and they’re impervious to smoke, fire, and odours. We use a one piece galvanized steel roof to ensure that the roof will never leak and damage your stuff. Our floors are made up of two layers of plywood for strength, support, and durability.  We build our Mobile Storage Trunks strong and water tight to protect your possessions. We care about you and your stuff!

Our Mobile Storage Trunks are small in footprint size but BIG on room.  At 40²ft (each unit is a mere 5′ x 8′), they take up very little room in your yard, but provide tons of space in your home!  They can be put anywhere that our truck can safely access. It’s also important to note that Mobile Storage Trunks are kept level (vertical) during loading and unloading!   Your prized possessions will not have to endure being tipped on their side to load and unload – there will be no surprise ‘shifting’ of your belongings inside the Trunk.  Nothing will fall out of the doors upon reopening, nor will boxes tip or spill during transit.

Your mobile storage trunk can wait on your property for as long as it needs to while you pack and organize, and it just takes a quick call to us to schedule a pickup and re-delivery of the unit.  We can take it directly to its new location for you to unpack at your leisure, or we can also bring it back to our secure storage site to get it out of your way for a while.

Call and talk to our friendly, knowledgeable Storage Specialists today to find out the best options for your needs!

  • Constructed with Insulated Metal with a wooden floor.
  • Keep your belongings protected from extreme heat or cold which can cause your furniture to warp.
  • pack your trunk right outside your door for moving or storage.
  • Keep your trunk for a week or a month for the same rate – no panic!